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Due to restrictions on how many swimmers to lanes, you will need to registered for specific spaces within our practices.   Programs and registration will be staggered this year.

Please access our club registration form below: (you may need to download and save prior to filling it out)


Rocky, Purcell and Selkirk group

  • Registration starts September 21st
  • Tentative start date First week of October (pool opening is set for early October)

Bugaboo and Monashee (returning swimmers)

  • Registration starts on October  5th
  • Tentative start date Last week of October – early November (testing of our COVID plan is required prior to younger swimmers being introduced into the facility and Cohort)
  • All of our Mini-Bugaboo swimmers of the 2019/2020 season can register for Bugaboo or Monashee this season.
  • New Swimmers to the club who fit into the above categories, will be allowed to register at this time but an assessment will be required prior to acceptance into the club to ensure that they fit these levels and KSC can maintain safety protocols.  This assessment will likely occur in November.

Mini-Bugaboo & Beginners

  • This program will likely not run in the fall and has a tentative start of January 2021.


  • This program will be dependent on space availability on our practices and the number of registrants.
  • Interested parties should email the register starting September 21st.
  • The decision to run the program will come in early November once we have our lanes and returning swimmers set up into the pool.


For information about the Swim BC portion of your registration, 2020 Registration Manual

Fees for the 2020 swim season …

  • Our Season is 9 months, October to June
  • Monthly Swim Fees are based on the duration of the season and invoiced at the beginning of each month
  • SwimBC fees are required at registration.
  • There is an additional Fundraising Fee on top of the fees mentioned below.  This is collected at the start of the season.
  • Due to COVID 19, all swimmers must provide their own equipment.  KSC will have kits that swimmers can buy from us for $60.  If you return your kit at the end of the season in perfect condition, we will refund you $30 of that $60.  You can also buy the equipment from SwimOutlet or Team Aquatics.
  • To gain an overall idea of what costs you will need to consider, it will be the sum of…

The swim BC fee +  CKSC’s monthly fee ( x9 months) + Equipment + the fundraising commitment.

For information the 2020  fall swim season fees are as follows:

NEW – Beginners (Non-competitive)  $40/month or $120 for the session (1x/week -1 hour)

Mini-Bugaboo  (Non-Competitive)     $120/session  (1x/week) or  $225/session (2x/week)

Bugaboos                                         $90/month (up to 4 hours/week including dry land – 1 hour practices)

Rockies                                              $115 (up to 7 hours/week including dry land 1.5 hour practices)

Monashees                                        $75/month (up to 2 hours/week – 1 hour practices)

Purcells                                              $135 (up to 11 hours/week including dry land – 2 hour practices)

Selkirks                                              $175 (up to 16 hours/week including dry land – 2 hour practices)

Masters                                             $100/punch pass + $25 initiation fee – 1 hour practices

*Includes complimentary Shirt and Cap.

Fundraising commitment

–       $50/ Session for Beginner, Mini Bugaboo & Monashee

–       $250 Bugaboo (1st season only) Fundraising commitment

–       $400 Returning & Competitive swimmer Fundraising commitment (10 months)

–       For a family – $400 for 1st competitive swimmer + $100/additional swimmer up to a maximum of  $500