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CKSC Club Manual is a summary of our club philosophy and policies. This includes information on club structure, meets, conduct and dispute resolution. Kootenay Swim Club Manual 2020(PDF file attached)

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KWIC Information for Provincials and National Qualifiers

Fundraising is an absolutely essential part of our club’s income each year. Kootenay Swim Club has set fundraising fees to offset the total fees paid by parents to cover the costs of running the club. The more you swim, the higher your fundraising fee becomes. Completing fundraising is not mandatory, but the fundraising fees are essential to keep our club running. You can chose to either fundraise or pay the fees, but the more you fundraise the healthier our club is. This year we have some new Introductory families with no fundraising commitment, however we strongly encourage you to fundraise when you can.
Fundraising allows the club to cover the following costs:
• Coach salaries (we strive to offer the best coaching available)
• Lane fees (RDCK charges the highest lane fees in all of BC)
• Team equipment such free t-shirts, caps, dryland equipment, kick boards, pull buoys etc.
• SwimBC Club fees.
• Coach’s SwimBC, CSCTA fees and training fees.
• Administration fees such as banking fees, quick books, Hytek meet entry programs, websites fees etc.

Fundraising Totals
How the club’s fundraising works is that the money you earn at our various events is tracked through the year. At the end of June your total amount raised will be compared against your fundraising commitment.
Total Commitment – Money you Earn = Invoice in June.
For example, if your total commitment was $400 and you earned $315 your final invoice would equal $85.

Fundraising for Meet Fees
An added incentive to fundraise is that any amount earned above your commitment for the year can be used to offset your Meet Fees for the year.
For example, if your total fundraising commitment was $400 and you earned $600, you can put the additional $200 towards any meet fees accrued through the season.

2019/2020 Fundraising Events
The Kootenay Swim Club offers many options to meet your fundraising goals throughout the season.

Grocery Cards – All year round
Grocery Cards are one of the easiest ways to fulfill your fundraising commitment, especially with how much our young swimmers eat while training during the season! Our four partner stores sell us grocery cards at a discount, we sell them to you at the face value. As an example, you buy a Save-On Foods card from us for $100, you can redeem that at the store for $100 in groceries, and then you get $8.00 put towards your fundraising commitments.

We are currently running the grocery card program for the following stores
Save on Foods – 8% return to the club.
Safeway – 8%
Kootenay Co-op – 7%
Kootenay Market – 10%

We have cards available all of the time, please contact Mike Finley if you are in Nelson or Jessica Girard in Castlegar. Safeway (Sobeys) and Save-On cards can be used at any store in their chains, great if you can get out of town grandparents etc. buying them too!


Bottle drive – this year we earned over $1100 for the club, each participating family had $92 put towards their commitments.


Poinsettias from Georama Growers (local Nelson company)
Kootenay Swim Club receives the poinsettias at a discount and families can order for themselves, friends and neighbors and pay the retail price. Georama does a very nice job with these for us and they are great for the holiday season. Order form are given out in October and this year are due November 27th
Please see Shelley if you haven’t received an order form yet.

$14 plants – $5 goes to the club and also goes to your fundraising total.
$30 plant – $8 goes to the club
$26 plant – $6 goes to the club

December to January

The raffle is one of our best fundraising programs. It is one chance to sell to people other than your family, as I’m sure you’ve sold some poinsettias to family already . This is also $ for $ fundraiser, meaning if you sell $300 worth of raffle tickets then that full amount is applied to your fundraising fee. We will again be setting up selling locations at Save On Foods, Canadian Tire or other local stores during the Christmas season. This allows the kids to participate in the ticket selling and to be seen in the community with Kootenay Swim Club gear on. (not goggles)

We do need help with the raffle fundraiser though. We are asking all families to donate a bottle of wine each towards the grand prize. Bear’s Furniture in Nelson usually donates the Wine Fridge. We also ask families to ask any businesses they may know for other prizes for the draw, it’s nice to have a bunch of smaller prizes to draw. Our raffle coordinator is Dave McCulloch, please touch base with him regarding donating prizes.

Winter/Spring Fundraisers
Other fundraisers we have done in the past but have not fully scheduled yet are:

Mother’s day hanging baskets
Purdy’s Easter chocolate

We are also very open to suggestions on other fundraisers, especially if you want to get involved in helping run them!