A carefully planned, age appropriate program has been designed to allow a smooth transition up the developmental ladder for all members of the Kootenay Swim Club. Practice hours and content are planned so movement to the next group is unhurried, appropriate, and in the best interests of the swimmer and focused on meeting his or her ultimate potential.  Each group builds on skills learned and mastered in the group previous.  Transitions from one group to the next are logical, based on age, maturity and ability. The Kootenay Swim Club believes that teaching is most effective when similar skills are taught to a group who are at a similar stage in their development as swimmers. Training times range from one hour to over 16 hours a week, depending on age, maturity, skill, aptitude and commitment.

We wish to encourage versatility both in and out of the water. Commitment to goals and to the means of achieving those goals are important lessons to be learned from swimming, keeping in mind that kids need time to be kids, and should be able to participate in other activities in conjunction with swimming.  The swim groups of the Kootenay Swim Club provide all levels of participation and commitment to competitive swimming for their members.

Fernie RTC2010