Can my child swim for the Kootenay Swim Club AND swim for a summer club?

YES! If a swimmer chooses to swim both winter and summer they can!


What category will my child swim in during the summer, if they choose to swim for the Kootenay Swim Club?

All Kootenay Swim Club swimmers are registered Swim BC competitive swimmers and would compete in the “O” category, if they choose to swim for a summer team afterwards.


How many swim meets does my swimmer have to attend?

As many as they like! The coach determines an appropriate number of meets that will be made available for Kootenay Swim Club swimmers to attend. Usually they will attend a swim meet approximately every 6 weeks, with the majority of them being hosted within the region (mini-meets), and travel to meets every 2 months depending on qualifying times and overall cost.

Ultimately, the decision is made by the swimmer and their family if they want to attend.


Do parents have to be on the board on the directors?

The board of directors is a volunteer board of directors and only parents of swimmers registered in the club can be on the board.   Becoming a part of the board of directors can be a rewarding experience.   Members of the board are elected and a term lasts one full year, for each position.


Do we need to do any fundraising?

YES. Fundraising events are vital to the success of the swim club and the continued support of the swimmers.   Fundraising events help swimmers offset the cost of swim meets, training, and equipment for the entire team. If you have a great fundraising idea, please email the swim club fundraising coordinator. http://thekootenayswimclub.com/wp/contact-us/


Who is the Kootenay Swim Club affiliated with?

The Kootenay Swim Club is registered under Swim BC and Swimming/Natation Canada.


How often will my swimmer have to practice?

Depending on the swimmer’s age, abilities, and commitment level, a younger swimmer can practice anywhere from 2-5 times per week.   An older swimmer can practice anywhere from 7-10 times per week, this includes dry land time.


Do we need to travel to Nelson for every practice?

No. The aim of the Kootenay Swim Club is to utilize the local pool and times to have practices locally. When we travel to meets we will race under the same name: The Kootenay Swim Club.


Do the parents need to travel to all the “out-of-town” meets?

No. We encourage carpooling with other families to help with getting all swimmers to the meets they want to go to.  Please see our club manual for meet information and travel policies.