Coach Maggie Aucoin – 2017/2018  Email

jamespilla2016Hello growing up I learned to swim well before I learned to walk. Growing up on PEI it is safe to say that I spent the majority of my life in the water. The combination of the ocean and swimming competitively guaranteed that. I am new to the West Kootenay area and am currently attending the School of Environment and Geomatics at Selkirk College.

After 12 fantastic years of competing on the provincial, regional and national stage I retired from swimming. Those 12 years shaped me into the person I am today and I will be forever grateful to the sport that has played such a huge roll in my life.

A lot has changed since my days as a competitive swimmer, but my passion for the sport has not. Coaching has become the way that swimming can continue to be apart of my life and in return I get to help bring the sport into the lives of future swimmers. I have four years of coaching experience under my belt with my former swim team the Summerside Dolphins and I am stoked to be a new member to the CKSC.

Please never hesitate to ask me any questions!

See you at the pool.